Overwatch Paris map launch

Packaging creation & printed elements

We created a gift package to promote the launch of a new in-game content (Paris map).
I worked with the Overwatch european team on packaging and print material inspired by the in-game content.

25 lucky winners, chosen at random, got the Overwatch Paris map souvenir kit valued at approximately €100. Each kit contains:

  • 1x Overwatch luggage cardboard box
  • 1x Pâtisserie Galand macaron box
  • 1x Les Deux Escargots napkin holder with napkins
  • 1x Hotel Beau Ciel room key
  • 1x Fatale perfume bottle
  • 1x Paris street sign
  • 2x Opera posters
  • 2x Cabaret Luna numbered tickets
  • 5x Paris postcards

In-game screenshots used as inspiration.